Suburb Security

Hurlingham Manor is regarded as a very safe suburb. The committee together with our security providers strive to keep it that way. As a committee, the security of our suburb is our number one priority, this is why the biggest portion of our membership fees/costs are allocated towards security.

Both entrances to Hurlingham Manor (Woodlands and Pinotage) have been approved by the JRA and the committee strives to remain JRA compliant at all times.

Furthermore, we have up 4 security vehicles patrolling our suburb to further deter would-be criminals. Security remains a group effort and each resident needs to ensure their individual properties are secure with functional and maintained electric fences, armed alarm systems. In addition, residents need to be vigilant when entering the suburb, checking their rearview mirror for any potential follow home, and to report any suspicious behaviour to the appropriate call centre. 

We all need to work together to make Hurlingham Manor as safe as possible for our loved ones

If you would like further information please send an email to